Amy Moore
has been a
Graphic Designer
for five years,
with an emphasis
on print.


Academic Training & Achievements

I earned my training and degree at Pittsburgh Technical Institute (now College) in 2010. During my time there I worked in the classroom as a lab assistant, before having the opportunity to serve a very rewarding internship with a local agency, earning high honors upon graduation.


Professional  + Related Experience

Shortly after earning my degree, I began work at the Pittsburgh branch of GA•PRC Group creating grocery circulars for chains near and far. Along with forming lasting friendships, it was here that I learned to work with speed and accuracy, meeting tight deadlines.

Two years later, I moved on to where I am presently: Printscape Imaging & Graphics. From brochures to vehicle wraps, I have had the opportunity to take on a large variety of projects, which has helped me to find out were my passions and aspirations for the future lie. Having worked on a team before, I’ve gained a lot of experience working independently with Printscape; I manage my own deadlines, communicate directly with clients, and see the process through from start to finish.


My passion is, simply put, creative design coupled with variety. I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades who seeks growth and inspiration. I especially love the tangible nature of print design, of holding a project in your hands and having the satisfaction of seeing it come to life or seeing it installed at its full scale.

My aspiration is to further my knowledge and experience in all aspects I can, with an interest in web design, interface design, and front-end development. I enjoy learning, being challenged, and working with a team.


Adobe Photoshop 90%
Adobe InDesign 90%
Adobe Illustrator 90%
Print Production/Setup 85%
Social/Interpersional 80%
Microsoft Office 75%
Wordpress 50%
Photography 50%

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