The original project: to create an informative piece. We had free reign over the way we did the informing.

With my mother being a dog groomer, I grew up with a huge love of dogs. I indulged myself by centering a campaign around this passion, as I wanted to choose a topic I was already knowledgeable about (and thus could be informative about).

Included is a direct mail piece, four flyers, a 60+ page booklet (hand cramping occurred), and folder to contain it all. The goal was to create a “Training Package” for new dog owners looking to do things correctly–preferably before even purchasing said dog. The guide covers the entire process, from choosing your breed to house training.

As an added incentive, the included direct mail piece was an opt-in to PetEdge’s catalog. By subscribing, you could not only purchase items for your own (new) pet, but portions of the proceeds would go towards helping homeless dogs.

All of it was made up of course, but if I were a new dog owner, this is the kind of thing I would be interested in. I tried to stay in that mindset, while also considering how such a campaign would benefit the company itself.