Working with Printscape has given me the opportunity to work on a huge variety of creative projects, which include’s the company’s own branding. I’ve created vehicle graphics, signage, promotions, and more during my time with this company. Shown here are the following:

1. Clark Print – Printscape’s new mascot! While it’s as simple as a modified stock photo, he’s become quite popular, as will become apparent throughout some of the other branding examples. Clark Print “Saves the Day” with quick turnarounds, high-quality product, and professional service.

2. Window Graphics – Window Mesh & Vinyl that adorns Printscape’s exterior.

3-5. Booklet – Details various services we offer. Sales representatives give these to customers.

6-7. Self-Promos – Various web advertisements & promotions, distributed through e-mail and/or social media.

8-9. Website Design – A responsive re-vamp of Printscape’s main website. Visit the live version here.