When I was a student, I never, ever thought I would have the opportunity to design graphics at such a large scale–or be trusted with a complete stranger’s vehicle graphics, for that matter. It was the most I’ve ever felt overwhelmed by a design project; you only have one chance to get it right, after all. But I’ve come to love creating vehicle wraps. Seeing them drive away–and passing them on the road afterwards–is one of the best feelings.

1: Hundred Acres Manor – This was the fastest vehicle wrap I’ve ever worked on. In just a little over 24 hours, we took this from design, to print, to application. Since we were in a bind, I used some of my own photography on the back windows!

2: Diehl Automotive – Client wanted to create the illusion of a Viper driving down the road rather than a work van. I visited the dealership, photographed a matte black Viper, colorized it, and set it up for the final product you see here!

3: Huckestein – One of the simpler wraps I’ve worked on, but fun nonetheless!

4: Choose PA Wind – My personal favorite. The biggest challenge was to seamlessly wrap a single turbine image around an entire car, and seeing the final product was so rewarding!